Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Devils and Demons

Devils and Demons

Christian churches rarely talk about devils and demons.  Yeshua however acknowledged that they exist in Matthew 17:21 and Mark 9:29.  There is a marked difference between devils and demons. The Council of Constantinople, in AD 553 introduced the notion that devils and demons are the same. The leaders of that Council ruled that any written opinion that distinguishes between the two should be destroyed. This was an expansion of the anti-Jewish laws in AD 327, LOST IN TRANSLATION Vol. 1 

HaSatan, Lucifer, the devil is the leader of the devils and demons. II Corinthians 11:13-15Elohim created heavenly beings called angels.  They were dedicated to eternal service to Elohim carrying out His missions throughout His creation.  There are three separate orders of angels, each having a unique form, function and purpose.  There are cherubic/archangel, the highest and most powerful.  They surround the throne of Elohim.  They had six wings, four faces and were very large Revelation 4:7. Those most familiar to believers are Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer, Abaddon (the least known and is the angel of death), Uriel and Raphael.  Two of the six, Lucifer, often comes as the cherub of light and Abaddon, was once the cherub of life, were cast out of heaven  due to disobedience and God stripped them of both their names and authority.

Seraphim are the middle order and are also known as the burning ones or healing angels.  As messengers, they race back and forth between heaven and earth, doing God’s will.

Teraphim are the lowest order. They take on human form and maintain it for extended periods.  They are also known as Ayir, a Hebrew word meaning watcher.  They watch over believers and serve as custodians and protectors of men’s souls.  The Teraphim are our guardian angels.  Fallen Teraphim are called “idols”.  It is believed that the Hebrew word “ha teraphim” indicates that the spirits behind the wooden idols (carved figures) that Rachel stole from her father’s household were fallen teraphim.  Evil power comes from the fallen angels or devils who are actually the power behind each idol.  False gods are real in a literal sense, even in the modern era, especially the highly worshipped gods of black magic sects.

Nephilim.  The Book of Enoch tells the story of how 200 teraphim, led by one named Samyaza made a pact whereby they took on human form, seduced human women, called sirens and fathered giant offspring, a hybrid of devils and humans not created by Elohim, LOST IN TRANSLATION Vol. 1.   They are called Nephilim. Goliath, whom David slew, was a nephilim. 

Demons are the disembodied souls of dead Nephilim.  They are also called “unclean spirits” by ancient Hebrews. They are void of any spiritual or emotional resemblance to humans, who are God-breathed.  Human attributes therefore cannot be attributed to Nephilim.

Devils and demons have not gone away.  They live, even today and will be prevalent during the end times. Watch and pray.

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