Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Prophecy of Boaz and Ruth Lesson 2

The Prophecy of Ruth Lesson 2

Who is the paradigm of Ruth?

I have already confessed, I have a Ruth’s heart, but I see one in Sandy and Freda, too.  Why has the Ruth spirit risen in these days before the Messiah’s second return? Our Holy God who created the whole salvation plan desires that He is worshipped by Jews and Gentiles who have accepted His Son’s death on the cross as the finished work to cleanse them from sin and bring them forever into the House of God where the King Yeshua will reign.

 Shaul wrote about this in Romans 9-11(please take time to read these chapters). He, specifically, identifies the Jew and Gentile as one in the olive tree. In Romans 11:17, the Gentiles are identified as wild olive branches grafted into the cultivated olive tree or the holy root and branches, Rom. 11:16. Here is the Emet truth, the Jewish roots are the Holy Bible and Yeshua’s life. As a wild branch grafted in our spiritual destiny is found being a part of a Jewish tree! A Ruth spirit has a soft, loving heart toward the Jewish roots, people and Israel as the covenant right to be in existence, and a Ruth’s vow “let only death divide you and me”.

 My heart had to be changed from anti-semitism. I admit I was afraid of any person who wasn’t in my family. That included all colors even white. After many years, Yeshua started to be abrasive with me. I was afraid to change. I joined the Army as a nurse officer. I needed to change my fear and start to love all people. I worked with wonderful soldiers and civilians from all over the world. I started looking at all people through Yeshua’s eyes! The anti-semitism was the deepest. Yeshua showed me why. Some of my family were Jews who had escaped persecution and came to live in America. They did not want to be identified as a Jew.  

The point is Yeshua cares about your heart. I wanted to be like Ruth but I had to go through a grafting into the holy root and branches to find who I really am. My prayers were answered when I finally made a trip to Israel. I could see the coming of the Messiah more clearly. I wept at the wailing wall, because of all the nations that would not accept Him and come to fight against Him and Israel. I wept for the Jewish people and prayed that the blindness that Shaul talks about is lifted. My heart had come home to Israel. 

The prophecy of Boaz and Ruth can be seen in Messianic Jewish congregations spreading all over the world and especially in Israel. I have for in the last 25 years, how Christians have changed their thinking slowly to include this prophetic spiritual move of Yeshua before He comes again. The Jewish believers who hold onto their Jewish roots, Biblical truths and the redemptive work of Yeshua have covered their Gentile Ruths with love and open arms.

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