Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Awesomeness of God from Rabbi Cahn's Sapphires

In the 30s, Boris Karloff dressed up as Frankenstein and it was reported that women literally fainted
We come to the beginning of a new year, but what is New Years? The date of January 1 is an arbitrary one. So what makes it new? Nothing really. The only thing that makes New Year’s new, or for that matter any month, week, or day new, is the power of God. For God is the one who, in Revelation says, “I am making all things new”. Only God has the power of new beginnings. It’s not the morning that makes things new, but His mercies which are new every morning. Do you want this to be a truly new year? Then don’t expect it to be new simply because it’s called a new year. It won’t be new on its own. If you want it to be a new year, resolve to walk in the power of the Lord’s newness. For those who are led by His Spirit are given the power to walk in the newness of life. Commit yourself to walk in His Spirit, in the power of His newness, and you will have a truly new year, and a year of newness.

From Message #1079 - The Secret of New Beginnings 

Scripture: Rom. 6:4

TODAY'S MISSION - Today, commit yourself to walking in His Spirit of newness.

Performing Your Enemy’s Funeral from Rabbi Cahn’s Sapphires

Messiah said “love your enemies”, a seemingly impossible command. How do you love someone who’s against you, or the one you’re against? But if your enemy dies, if your enemy doesn’t exist anymore, then it’s no problem. When somebody dies, it’s customary to give them a funeral. At the funeral, you honor them with an official goodbye, a eulogy. Eulogy means to speak well of someone. That’s why no matter how rotten somebody is, or was, most eulogy speakers speak well of them. Messiah commands us to bless our enemies. The command behind the English word bless is the Greek word eulogeo, from which we get the word eulogy. The key is to deliver your enemies eulogy. When you bless your enemy, you’re delivering their eulogy, because when you bless them, they die. You no longer have an enemy to hate or be afraid of. The enemy is gone and a human being in God’s image remains, whom you must now love, forgive, and minister to. Bless your enemy, because it’s as simple as delivering their eulogy. From Message #440 - The Sunrise Commandment Scripture: 1 Peter 3:9 TODAY'S MISSION - Deliver your enemies’ eulogy by speaking a blessing over their life today. Deliver your enemies’ eulogy by speaking a blessing over their life today.

The On-Time Lateness of God from Rabbi Cahn’s Sapphires

I’ve often had a problem being late. To compensate, I would set my clocks ahead. But then I would compensate by doing math calculations to arrive at the actual real time. God has the same problem. He said, “I’m coming soon”, but he said that 2000 years ago. You might argue that for God, a day is like a thousand years. That’s true, but still, two-thousand years doesn’t exactly fit our definition of soon. To our earthly eyes, God seems to be late. But if God’s weakness is stronger than our strength, then His lateness is more on time than our best timeliness. So I’ve got good news. Being late can be divine. Well, maybe not in most cases, but at least in this sense. God isn’t in a rush, driven, or desperate. He moves in shalom. You need to develop the same attribute. God doesn’t rush through life. He is life. You can’t live life as you were meant to live it if you’re too busy rushing around. Stop rushing and start learning to live in God’s presence. Learn to be divinely late, and you’ll find yourself living right on time. From Message #461 - Be Ye Imperfect I Scripture: James 3:18 TODAY'S MISSION - Stop rushing today and start learning to live in God’s presence.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Zimmer is one of the biblical words for song. Ephesians 5:19 says, “Speak to one another in Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord.” Think about that. How do you speak in songs? You have to learn to talk in ‘song speak’, to speak in such a beautiful way that it could be a song. When you speak, there’s no real melody, harmony, orchestra, accompaniment, or musical instrument. Yet, you’re to speak in a song. To speak in song means your words make up for the fact that there’s no music and become themselves a song so beautiful it needs no accompaniment. Ask yourself, if somebody took a transcript of your daily talk, could they write a godly song from it? Would it go to music? Talk of anger, fear, blame, pride, conceit, and emptiness doesn’t make godly music. What kind of talk does? Talk of love, :faith, peace, hope, praise, thanksgiving, encouragement, mercy, God, and Scripture. Stop merely speaking and start learning how to speak a new language today, the language of song speak.
From Message #423 - Melody In Your Heart
Scripture: Ps. 35:28
TODAY'S MISSION - Today, practice thinking and talking in ‘song speak”.

Happy Chanukah/Merry Christmas!


Whether we greet each other with Happy Chanukah or Merry Christmas, we are acknowledging our Savior...our King.

Abba Father loves us so much, that He sent His Son, Yeshua/Jesus into the world to redeem us from our sin.  The date on which He was born is not that important.  What is important is the He came.  So, whether Messianic Jew or Christian believer, during this season we acknowledge our Savior, the Light of the World Who is the perfect example of Love.

So, go into all the world and let your light shine so that others would see your good works and glorify Abba Father, Who is in Heaven (Matthew 5:16) because you made a choice to accept His Son, Yeshua/Jesus...our Redeemer...our Salvation.

May you be richly blessed today and always.👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Posting from Rabbi Cahn’s Sapphires

 Have you ever seen a snow globe nativity scene? You shake it up and the snow comes down on Joseph, Mary, and the shepherds. The only problem is that there was no snow in Bethlehem - not on Joseph and Mary and not the shepherds. For a real nativity scene, you’d have to fill up the bubble with desert dirt and make a dust storm. That’s a lot closer to the truth. It is human nature to make things look nice, the way we imagine they should be. It’s a fantasy, and there’s no blessing in fantasies. You can’t get blessed with something that’s not real. If you have a fantasy of what life is supposed to be like, you’ll be miserable. The real Bethlehem was gritty, dirty, and down to earth, but had the presence and redemption of God. Blessings come in real life, not in fantasies. Don’t live your life in fantasies, or romantic illusions of what life should be like. Live here and now with God. Love your life, because God is here and now in real life. To live a real life with God here and now is a thousand times better than any fantasy.
Scripture: Ps. 119:113
TODAY'S MISSION - Today, live your life head on, in reality, with the reality of God’s power.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

John 3:16

Henry Moorehouse began to preach when he was a young man and died at the age of 40. Every time he preached, he gave out as his text John 3:16, and he never ran out of things to say. As believers, we’re prone to seek the newest teaching, movement, or revival. We get impatient if we hear the same thing over again. We’ve all heard John 3:16 so many times that when we hear it, we stop hearing it. We feel that we’ve grown beyond such a basic thing. But God’s Word doesn’t say to grow beyond the knowledge of salvation. It says grow in the knowledge of salvation. You’ll never know anything better, higher, or deeper than God’s love for you that’s declared in this verse. The love of God is the one thing that can make things complete in your life. Get away today from all the things that have complicated your life, your walk, your faith, and your relationship with God. Get back to simplicity of the simple verse that’s as life changing today as it was the day it first changed your life. 
From Message #2113 - The Ultimate Verse
Scripture: Luke 3:6
TODAY'S MISSION - Get away from all the things that have complicated your life today and meditate on John 3:16.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Be A Light As Yeshua Is The Light

The only place in the entire Bible where Chanukah is celebrated isn’t in the Old Testament, it’s in John 10:22. “Then came the Feast of Dedication at Jerusalem.” The word Dedication in Hebrew is Chanukah. It says, “It was winter and Messiah was in the Temple.” Chanukah is in the winter and the Lord was there celebrating. At Chanukah, the Temple and all Jerusalem would be lit up with the lights of the Festival. As Yeshua stood in the temple courts and began to give His Chanukah message, they said, “Tell us who you are!” It should have been obvious, as He stood in the midst of the torches and oil lamps. It was the Festival of Lights. He was ‘Or Ha Olam’, ‘The Light of the World’ that bears the witness of God. Messiah celebrated Chanukah not by lighting a light, but by being The Light. Celebrate Chanukah as He did. Wherever you are, bear witness to God’s truth, love, and glory. Let your life become a sacred candle, a blazing torch, and a light to the world.
Scripture: Matt. 5:16
TODAY'S MISSION - Today, go through your day as a living light. Bear witness of God’s truth, love, and glory to all you come in contact with.

Follow the Path God Has For You from “Sapphires”

Kedoshim is Hebrew for saints or holy ones. Most people don’t realize that saints are a Jewish thing. Zechariah 14:5 says, “And the LORD my God shall come and all the saints (kedoshim) with him.” It’s from this verse we get the song ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’. It’s a scene of the saints coming in victory. It’s an important truth. A saint is one whose life is characterized by holiness. Holiness is the right way, but it’s also the way of victory. It may not look like it in the short run, but in the end when the saints go marching in, it’s pure victory. God calls you to forsake and turn away from the ways and things of unholiness and walk by His Spirit. Start walking in holiness, and step by step, you’ll end up marching into victory. It starts now, with one small step of repentance, and then one decision and commitment to follow through daily on the straight and narrow path. Start today, and in the end you’ll win, because I know you want to be in that number when the saints go marching in.
Scripture: Is. 4:3
TODAY'S MISSION - Walk in holiness today. Follow the path God has for you.

The Theology of Childhood Rabbi Cahn’s “Sapphires”

Messiah said we must become as a little child if we’re to enter the kingdom. One of the first things you learned as a little child is that if you make a mess, clean it up. It’s amazing how many of us have forgotten this simple rule as adults. In life, we make many messes— messes of relationships, in our congregations, our personal and private lives, and in our walks. We have messy devotional lives, sloppy about our quiet time and careless about cherishing the Word. If you make a mess, clean it up. Zacchaeus was a tax collector who made a lot of messes, but when he came to the Lord, he didn’t say, “I’m forgiven, so I can forget about the messes.” He said, “I’m forgiven, so all the more I have the responsibility to clean up my messes.” Stop being so grown up and complicated. You’ve made some messes; clean them up. The Lord cleaned you up. Now it’s time that you, by His grace, clean up your mess. Start cleaning up the mess today, and you, too, will become as wise as a little child. 
Scripture: Lev. 6:4
TODAY'S MISSION - How can you fix or make good or give grace to any mess from your past? Do it today!

Speak Words That Bring Life. “Rabbi Cahn’s “Sapphires”

The first words ever spoken, as far as we’re concerned, are found in Genesis 1:1. God speaks and creation begins. Because of this, the rabbis wrote of the memra; the spoken Word of God. They saw it as something divine, for by God’s spoken Word, everything was created. The first spoken word was to create, to bring into existence what is good. Words exist to bring good into the world, not to tear down, slander, discourage, denigrate, or blame. They exist for divine purpose, to call into being that which is good, to build up, to make whole, to complete, and to bring healing. So every time you open your mouth to speak a word, speak it to build up, call forth life, bring healing, and make whole. The Word of God teaches us to speak that which is uplifting according to the need of the moment. Is that you? Are your words building up or tearing down, bringing life or causing death, or just making conversation? As God’s child, learn from your Father and let your words bring forth life. Speak the word, and let there be light.
Scripture: Prov. 15:23
TODAY'S MISSION - Speak that which is uplifting today and let your words bring forth life.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Set an Appointed Time with God writing from Rabbi Cahn’s Sapphires

The Tabernacle was the place of God's dwelling, where He met with His people and where Moses encountered God face to face. In Hebrew, it was called the Ohel - Tent of Moed, meaning The Meeting or The Fixed Time. If you want to meet with God, you have to have a Tent of Moed. You need to set an appointed time to be with God - where you stop everything else and just dwell in His presence. It can't be something you throw in while you're doing other things. If you don't set an appointed time, the world and your busyness will push it aside. It can't be a Tent of 'Whenever I Feel Like' or a Tent of 'When I Have The Time For It.' You need to give God your best, a fixed period of appointed time, every day, whether you feel like it or not. Just dwell in His presence until you do feel like it. Make Him first and give Him your best, give Him your appointed time. You won't be disap pointed. For He will show up and indwell with His glory in your Tent of Moed, your Tent of the Appointed Time.

From Message #729 - The Mishkan K 

Scripture: James 4:8

TODAY'S MISSION - Set aside a portion of each day, away from worldly distractions, to spend entirely with God. And let that time be the center and the joy of your day

A Fresh Anointing Every Day

As our Abba Father blesses us with a new day, there are some things we must be sure to do.  Give thanks.  Many don’t have the blessing of a new day.  Acknowledge our Father God for Who He is.  Our Sovereign Lord and King,  Creator of all things in heaven and on earth. He is the Great I AM!  He is the One Who see every need we have and provide.  Yehovah Jireh.  He is our peace...our shalom...  and much more.  Before we face the world each day, let’s remember to pray for a fresh anointing.  Let’s decrease self to the lowest denominator so that the Holy Spirit can fill us to the full and over flowing with His Spirit.  Now, we’re almost ready.  Read your Word, pray for your country, your government, your leaders,  and so much more. Put on your armor, Ephesians 6:10-18.  Ask the Father what things He wants you today that day.  It is so important that we follow the Master’s plan...and NOT our own...unless it perfectly lines up with His plan.

When you are prepared for what the world throws at you and you know most assuredly that He is your rareguard, then you know most certainly that “no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord...”and their righteousness is from Me,” says the Lord.  Isaiah 54:17
The darts of the enemy may come but they cannot pierce you.  Psalm 91 is your covering.  You are sheltered under the wings of the Almighty.  Psalm 91:4. His faithfulness is our body armor and shield.

Be Still and Know...

When we have prayed and ask Abba Father to handle our problems/issues.  We should then leave our requests at the foot of the cross being assured that He would do what He said He would do in His Word.  We must completely trust Him.  Have childlike faith.  I know, for me, that is not always easy.  We have a tendency to always want to “help” the Father.  He does not need our help!  We must ask the Holy Spirit to help us.  Remember we can do nothing without the help of the Holy Spirit.

Even though we can’t see Him at work in our lives, we must believe that He is working.  Often times when the prayer has been answered and we look back, we realize that we worried unnecessarily.  We must absolutely trust that He loves us and that He is working it out for our good and His Glory.

Abba Father, help us to be obedient to Your Word.  Help us to be like little children who, when they ask their parents for something, they confidently walk away knowing that they will receive what they requested if it is beneficial to them.  Help us to be still before You and trust You totally.  You do not need our help.  Help us to be still and know that You’re God.  Psalm 46:10.  In Yeshua/Jesus’ name I pray Amen!

Quiet Time With God

We should all be able to enjoy our own company.  It is usually in this quiet space and time that we can clearly hear our Abba Father's voice.  Be silent before Him.  "Speak Lord, Your servant is listening" I Samuel 3:10

Message from Rabbi Cahn’s Sapphires

While Messiah was in the boat with His disciples, there came a violent storm, waves breaking over the boat threatening to drown them. Messiah was sleeping. He didn’t really have to do anything, because it was enough that He was there. Messiah has a special name in Hebrew prophecy. In Hebrew, it’s a sentence: ‘Im’ with a long e meaning ‘with’, ‘Anu’, which means ‘us’, and ‘El’, which means ‘God’- ‘Immanuel’, or ‘God with us’. Messiah’s presence isn’t just the Name, but Immanuel the sentence. Messiah was ‘God is with us’ on the boat that day, because He’s Immanuel. We all know what it’s like to have storms in our lives, times when it seems like everything is out of control, overwhelming circumstances, and it seems that your boat is sinking. You’ll have those storms, but when they come, remember Who’s with you in your lifeboat. If you are Messiah’s, then Immanuel is in the boat with you. The wind and waves won’t prevail against you, and your boat won’t sink because you’re not alone. In the storm is Immanuel; God is with you in the storm.

Scripture: Joshua 1:9

TODAY'S MISSION - Today, throughout the day, meditate on this Hebrew sentence, IM-ANU-EL – GOD IS WITH ME