Sunday, December 17, 2017

Be Still and Know...

When we have prayed and ask Abba Father to handle our problems/issues.  We should then leave our requests at the foot of the cross being assured that He would do what He said He would do in His Word.  We must completely trust Him.  Have childlike faith.  I know, for me, that is not always easy.  We have a tendency to always want to “help” the Father.  He does not need our help!  We must ask the Holy Spirit to help us.  Remember we can do nothing without the help of the Holy Spirit.

Even though we can’t see Him at work in our lives, we must believe that He is working.  Often times when the prayer has been answered and we look back, we realize that we worried unnecessarily.  We must absolutely trust that He loves us and that He is working it out for our good and His Glory.

Abba Father, help us to be obedient to Your Word.  Help us to be like little children who, when they ask their parents for something, they confidently walk away knowing that they will receive what they requested if it is beneficial to them.  Help us to be still before You and trust You totally.  You do not need our help.  Help us to be still and know that You’re God.  Psalm 46:10.  In Yeshua/Jesus’ name I pray Amen!

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