Sunday, December 24, 2017

Posting from Rabbi Cahn’s Sapphires

 Have you ever seen a snow globe nativity scene? You shake it up and the snow comes down on Joseph, Mary, and the shepherds. The only problem is that there was no snow in Bethlehem - not on Joseph and Mary and not the shepherds. For a real nativity scene, you’d have to fill up the bubble with desert dirt and make a dust storm. That’s a lot closer to the truth. It is human nature to make things look nice, the way we imagine they should be. It’s a fantasy, and there’s no blessing in fantasies. You can’t get blessed with something that’s not real. If you have a fantasy of what life is supposed to be like, you’ll be miserable. The real Bethlehem was gritty, dirty, and down to earth, but had the presence and redemption of God. Blessings come in real life, not in fantasies. Don’t live your life in fantasies, or romantic illusions of what life should be like. Live here and now with God. Love your life, because God is here and now in real life. To live a real life with God here and now is a thousand times better than any fantasy.
Scripture: Ps. 119:113
TODAY'S MISSION - Today, live your life head on, in reality, with the reality of God’s power.

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