Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Speak Words That Bring Life. “Rabbi Cahn’s “Sapphires”

The first words ever spoken, as far as we’re concerned, are found in Genesis 1:1. God speaks and creation begins. Because of this, the rabbis wrote of the memra; the spoken Word of God. They saw it as something divine, for by God’s spoken Word, everything was created. The first spoken word was to create, to bring into existence what is good. Words exist to bring good into the world, not to tear down, slander, discourage, denigrate, or blame. They exist for divine purpose, to call into being that which is good, to build up, to make whole, to complete, and to bring healing. So every time you open your mouth to speak a word, speak it to build up, call forth life, bring healing, and make whole. The Word of God teaches us to speak that which is uplifting according to the need of the moment. Is that you? Are your words building up or tearing down, bringing life or causing death, or just making conversation? As God’s child, learn from your Father and let your words bring forth life. Speak the word, and let there be light.
Scripture: Prov. 15:23
TODAY'S MISSION - Speak that which is uplifting today and let your words bring forth life.

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