Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Second Chance to do God's Will

The English word ‘year’ is pretty simple. But the Hebrew word for ‘year’ holds many mysteries – the word is ‘Shannah.’ One of its meanings is ‘the second.’ So each New Year presents a ‘second’ chance to do the Lord’s will. This year may not have gone the way you hoped or wanted it to, but take heart. This is a new year, and in Hebrew it’s a Shannah - a second chance to have that victory, to do it right, to overcome that sin, to break out of that bondage, to show love to that person, to make it right. It’s a second chance to rise up to your calling. God is the God of second chances and after that He will have another second chance, for His mercies are new every morning. So go for it. Do it right by the power of His grace. Live the life you were called to live, live the year you were called to live, and win the victory you were called to win. For it is a new year and that means it’s a Shannah. It’s your second chance to triumph. Happy New Year - Happy Second Chance.
From Message #1397 - The Mystery of Nisan 1
Scripture: 1 Cor. 15:55
TODAY'S MISSION - Today, declare this year to be the year of victory for your life in the Lord, and go for it!

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