Monday, January 1, 2018

The Power Of The Lamb Rabbi Cahn's Sapphires

Here in the West, we begin the new year in January. But the biblical new year wasn’t in January, nor was it in September as many think. It came with the Hebrew month of Nisan in the spring. Nisan was the month of the Passover redemption from Egypt, slavery, bondage, and of the rebirth of the nation to God – all through the blood of the Lamb. Nisan is also the month of Messiah’s redemption. It’s the month He gave His life. It’s the month of His death and resurrection; when the Lamb of God died to make all things new. That’s the real new beginning. So the power of new years and new beginnings does not come from a calendar, it comes from the Lamb. So if you want a new beginning, you’ll only find it in the Lamb. Come to the cleansing mercy of the Lamb. Come back to your first love and be made new. For there, all things are made new. The true renewal of God for new days, walks, lives, hearts, and even New Years only comes by the power of the Lamb.
From Message #1098 - The Lamb of New Beginnings
Scripture: John 1:36
TODAY'S MISSION - Today, receive the power of complete cleansing and newness in the Lamb of God and live as if all things were new.

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