Monday, April 13, 2020

Hearing the Heart of God

Hearing the Heart of God

On the morning of Friday, March 27, 2020 a little past midnight I was startled by bolts of lightning that lit up my bedroom.  That was immediately followed by peels of thunder that sounded like nothing I’d ever heard and that included my early childhood years growing up in Barbados.  I am used to hurricanes and loved being outside in the heavy rains, hearing the thunder and the heavy raindrops falling onto the galvanized roof of our home.  There is no rainy weather in San Diego, California where I live so this occurrence got my attention. It was followed by hail!!
This was no ordinary peels of thunder.  I remembered thinking the Lion of the Tribe of Judah just roared.  God is not pleased with His children.  I imagined  a massive lion as Jesus is depicted when this reference to Him is made.  He was standing like a man, with His “fists” clenched, His teeth bared and fire coming from His mouth. His voice was like rolling water and it emanated from deep within.  God was just “not pleased”, He was angry!! 
He is waiting for those “who are called by His Name” to come to Him in prayer.  ‘If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”. II Chronicles 7:14.  Our Father’s heart is broken because His children, those whom He calls His own are acting like the world.  Our focus is on what the world thinks, what the world is saying, what the world says we should do. We’ve become television magnets waiting with bated breath for what the government says we should do.  We’re not seeking to hear our Father’s heart. It is important that we follow those essential directives, practice social distancing…6’ apart, wear your masks and gloves and wash your hands regularly.  While you’re following those directives, remember who your God is.  Yes indeed, He is BIGGER than COVID-19.  
When this is over, He will still be God, the Creator of the universe, the One Who sits outside of space and time.  He is Elohim, the Creator of Heaven and earth Who was in the beginning. He is El-Elyon, our Lord and Master, the Most High God.  He is  El Shaddai, the God Almighty of blessings.  He is Adonai, the completely existing One; He will still be Jehovah T’zikenu, our Righteous God, He will still be Jehovah M’kaddesh, the God Who has set us apart for Himself; He will always be Jehovah Nissi, your victory, your banner, your standard.   One who will stand up for you against any enemy who will dare to come against you; He will still be Jehovah Shalom, your peace which surpasses all understanding.  Hold your peace in the midst of this storm, for it will pass.  He remains Jehovah Raphe, your Healer.  Yes, people are dying because of COVID -19 but KNOW that God knows all things.  His thoughts are unsearchable. Romans 11:33  The deaths are a bitter pill to swallow but God will heal the broken hearts. He is Jehovah Jireh, He sees our need and provides.  We don’t have to hoard all the toilet tissue in the land, paper towels, rice, etc.  He will miraculously provide for you and your family all that you need.  He is Jehovah Rohi, our Shepherd, when we call on Him, He will answer because He knows us and He hears when we call and He will answer.  We are His sheep, we know His voice.  He is Jehovah Shammah.  He will never leave us nor forsake us.  He is our helper.  He changes not;  He is Jehovah G’Molah, the God of recompense.  He will repay or He will reward.  It all belongs to Him.  Trust Him with your life. You belong to Him.  Before He knitted you in your mother’s womb, He knew you.  Psalm 139:13-16;  Abba declared our end from the beginning.  Nothing we can do to change that outcome. Isaiah 46:10
During this season, do not fear, do not doubt.  Trust Him to fight this battle for you.  Spend minimal time seeing what everyone has to say about what’s going on.  The less talking-heads you hear the better off you will be.  I am creature of habit.  Since high school in NY I’ve watched 60-Minutes and CBS is my favorite so I  get my round-ups at 11pm.  I watch YouTube for the ministries that have blessed me so if something catches my attention, I will watch but I make it my business to give my time to our Father.  It is important that I know my Father’s Heart. Draw closer to Him.  We have so much time now.  Many are forbidden to go to work; schools are closed, businesses are closed.  More time with your families; home-schooling your children allows you to teach them about Who God is; along with the required curriculum; learn to hear the Father’s heart.  
See through spiritual eyes, beyond what your natural vision sees.  See from the spiritual realm.  How will you move forward from this experience?  COVID-19 will eventually come to an end.  It will meet its demise.

Ø How will you be different?  
Ø What kind of relationship will you have with your Heavenly Father?
Ø Will you now not just speak the Word but live it every moment of every day with the help of the Holy Spirit?

What has our Father called us, you and me, to do…individually or collectively as the body of Christ …what battle plan has He dropped in our spirits to do for His Kingdom?

How are we preparing?  How do we hear His voice?
Unequivocally we must respond in obedience and we cannot go without Him or before Him.  His plan has been perfected.  It will work for our good and His glory.

Don’t  be afraid of the plans of the enemy. We have a faith that can deal with problems and overcome them. The victory here is that we can bear witness that God is greater than the problem. We celebrate that what the enemy planned for evil in our lives, God will turn it around for good. If you follow God, your problem will become a victory. 

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